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59” Rope Perch for Parrots, Bungee Bird Toy, Improves Balance, Coordination and Agility, Brightly Colored Handmade Chew Toy, Ideal for Relaxing, Cage Swing and Climbing Stand Bar with Bell

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  • LET YOUR PARROTS SHOW A LITTLE BIT OF THEIR WORLD TO YOU --- Ever spot your bird like he’s on spiral stairs and flipping upside down reach the level below? Spot your bird indulging in this amusing activity. Apart from this, both small and large birds like to peck, poke and check out their surroundings. This gentle and reliable rope perch with width 0.59” (1.5 cm) is also a convenient chew toy for your conure, parakeet or cockatiel.
  • BRIGHT, MULTI-COLORED DESIGN --- The super fun, brightly colored SunGrow Rope Perch and Chew Toy for Birds adds a vibrant beauty and creative flair to your pet bird’s cage and your home. This spiral bungee is used by birds to climb on during the day time and sleep on at night. Apparently, you’ll see that this bright and cheerful colored rope becomes a stress reliever for your bird.
  • ENTERTAINING SPIRAL DESIGN WITH JINGLING BELL --- The coiled spiral design of the 59” (1.5 meter) Rope Perch and Chew Toy, keeps pet birds entertained while the gently jingling bell on the end brings even more enjoyment. The little springy bounce is supportive enough to make it a source of fun for your sun conure, doves or love birds. You can either have it straight out or bent, making it flexible.
  • GENTLE ON TALONS AND CLAWS --- The soft cotton blend used to make the SunGrow Perch and Chew Toy is tender on your bird’s talons making it a comfortable resting place when he wants to take a break.
  • LET YOUR BIRDS GROOVE ON THIS HANDMADE SWING --- The long bouncy rope perch is handmade using wood and cotton rope. If your senegal parrot, green cheek or quaker is done with moving up and down the spirals, they might gorge on it.

Product Description

Whether your beloved pet bird is a parrot, finch or conure, it will love the fun & functional SunGrow Rope Perch and Chew Toy for Birds. Hand crafted with a safe cotton blend material, the flexible iron wire on the interior is sturdy and bendable while the exterior is soft and gentle on your bird’s sensitive talons. Many species of birds are fairly intelligent and get bored easily; the spiral design and the bright colors of the SunGrow Rope Perch and Chew Toy keeps your pet bird entertained as he walks up, down and around the unique shape.

Use as a spiral climbing rope, twisted chew toy or comfortable curved roosting place; the SunGrow Rope Perch and Chew Toy is attractive, convenient and versatile. A dainty bell dangles and jingles from the bottom of the rope perch and chew toy, just loud enough to pique your pet’s curiosity, but quiet enough not to be annoying. Provide your adored pet bird or birds with a relaxing spot to roost and rest, entertaining exercise tool and durable pecking place with the extraordinary SunGrow Rope Perch and Chew Toy for Birds.

Product dimension: 59” (1.5 meter) Length x 0.59” (1.5 cm) width