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Misyue Large Rabbit Litter Box Toilet Box and Bigger Pet Pan for Adult Guinea Pigs, Chinchilla, Ferret, Galesaur, Small Animals (Beige)

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  • Size -Litter Box for Rabbit xl, Size 15*10.5*7.2inch - Rabbit Litter Boxes.sized for 3-9 lbs bunnies:
  • rabbit litter box toilet has 3.5inch more higher can storage more Cat litter
  • Litter Box for Rabbit is Easy to Clean:Two-layer Design to Prevent Urine Squirt Out
  • Rabbit Litter box extra large Hole Size is 1.8*1.5cm has sufficent Space to Prevent Litter Get Stuck
  • bunny corner litter box for cage large Includes adjustable cage attachments to securely place rabbit litter box for cage