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Kathson Rabbits Wood Bridge Guinea Pig Climbing Ladder Natural Ramp Ladder Rat Toy Cage Habitat Accessories for Bunny Hamsters Gerbils Mice Mouse Chinchilla Hedgehog Small Animal

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  • 【100% NATURAL WOOD】Our pet climbing bridge is made of natural wood,environmentally friendly,strong and durable,non-toxic and paint-free, which is very safe for animals.This ramp helps pets reach the elevated area,encourages exploration and exercise.Stimulate your pets to climbing all over it, run around it, under it. More playing & exercising & less fighting.
  • 【PERFECT SLOPE TO CLIMB】The wooden cage bridge is gentle and not too steep, which is a good protection for the small animal's back.Pets climbing up and down the bridge can also reduce boredom and increase exercise.Our product not only provides more exercise opportunities for your little pet, promotes movement and helps develop coordination and balance skills, but is also suitable for your pet to chew, satisfy her instinctive urges, and help keep incisor teeth trimmed and healthy.
  • 【USEFUL CAGE ACCESSORIES】There is no need to install it, just open it and put it in the cage or the door of the cage.Make it safer for your pet to get in and out of the cage.When the pet habitat is divided into different areas by the fence, your cute pet can cross the fence safely through this ramp.Small animals can climb the slopes to eat hay in the higher areas and reach the higher platforms.
  • 【RANGE OF APPLICATION】The rabbit ramp is recommended for rabbits,bunny hamsters,mice,gerbils,rats,mouse,hedgehogs,sugar gliders,dwarf hamsters,squirrel,chinchilla,guinea pigs,ferrets and other small animals.Offers pet mountaineering and exploration of desire. Can be used as a tunnel, bridge, or ramp.Pet exercise limbs force
  • 【PACKING AND SIZE】Each set contains 1 wooden bridge.The size of the wooden bridge when it unfolds is approximately 24.2"Lx6.5" Wx5.5 "H.Kindly tip: Before you buy this product, you can measure the size to see if it fits your cage needs.